Dr-Dipole - Simple Dipole Antennas, Built For Distance!

About Us

Dr-Dipole Antennas and SAT Antennas are owned by Rex Rumley, N8RNA. 

We employee ONLY Ham Radio Operators to assist us in supplying the very best in Simple Dipole Antennas to the Radio Public.

Being Hams we tend to forget about profits and instead devote our time and efforts to building only quality Antenas.
We build every Antenna as if it was going up at our own home!
We sell Antennas direct, thru a couple of different auction sites, and a couple of retail outlets.

Our Business Goal is to provide the best Antenna we can build to Hams and CB Radio Operators for Base Station Operations.

We normally do not work weekends or holidays. These days are reserved for spending time with your God and family.

May your God always watch over you!

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