Dr-Dipole - Simple Dipole Antennas, Built For Distance!

Product Guide

When shopping for your electronics, here are some guidelines to keep you within your spending limits, while still getting the features you need and want.

Simple Individual Dipoles

  • 2 Meters
  • 440
HF Tech
  • 10 Meters
HF General & Higher
  • 12 Meters
  • 15 Meters 
  • 17 Meters
  • 20 Meters
  • 30 Meters
  • 40 Meters
  • 60 Meters
  • 80 Meters


  • 11 Meter CB Dipole Antennas for chasing Skip. Ever wonder how some of the big boys can talk Skip and you can't, now you can!

                                                  1:1 Voltage Baluns
                                   Low Loss Coaxial Cable, designed for less loss





Most Antennas are cut to mid band. If you require a special frequency, no problem. Pricing will reflect whatever band that Antenna falls under.  Baluns are automatically used on all bands above 10. Baluns can also be added to any Antenna for a slight upcharge. All Baluns are soldered in place to avoid unwanted noise from loose connections over time. Each connection is wrapped in electrical tape to prevent weather problems. All Antennas are built with 14 Gauge solid wire in Blue Color to match the sky. Each Antenna is built to withstand the inclement weather so using them in attics or anywhere else inside is a snap!  Many customers report using 10 thru 20 Meter Antennas in their attic with decent results. Some in restricted housing have found ways such as running them under their eaves of their home to hide them while others report using flagpoles or other such objects to hang the Antenna from.

NEVER use any transmitting Antenna on any band it is not designed for without the use of a tuner! This can damage the radio

Always keep all transmitting Antennas high enough off the ground that they cannot be touched by hand. Touching an Antenna by hand while transmitting can cause Radiation Burns!

Please use common sense when installing any Antenna. If you have questions, ask before you try to install it. We are here to answer your questions before, during, and after the sale.

Good luck and God Bless  

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