Dr-Dipole - Simple Dipole Antennas, Built For Distance!

Antenna Installation and SWR

                         Dipole Installation

Here are some suggestions for installtion 

1. Straight Horizontal

 For the best in DX (Distant Communications) we suggest these Antennas be installed in a straight Horizontal

Mode. It can be strung Horizontally between any 2 stationary objects with anything non-conductive. We

suggest using high test fishing line or rope. Feed Line should come away from the Antenna on a 90 degree angle

2. Sloper

 These Antennas can be strung with 1 end high on a stationary object while the other end heading towards the

ground on a 45 degree angle. This suggestion offers good DX but somewhat more focused in the direction the

Antenna is sloping towards. Feed Line should come away on a 90 degree angle from the Antenna

3. Inverted Vee

 This is just as it sounds, an inverted or upside down "V" shape. The center is high in the air with both ends or

legs of the Dipole heading towards the ground on a 45 degree from center. This gives you focused RX/TX in

more than 1 direction and will often allow more local contacts (Ground Waves) than some other installations.

Feed Line should come straight down from the center of the Antenna.

More info on Installation

Installation suggestions comes with each antenna to help you better understand some of the best and easist ways to install

your new Antenna.

SWR - Standing Wave Ratio

Antenna installation can sometimes be measured by the SWR of the installation. Every Antenna is cut to a precise length to accomodate that particular band.  99.5% of high SWR readings will always come back to something in the intallation. While there are far too many things to cover here regarding SWR, I will offer some ideas on the subject.

Make sure ALL parts of the Antenna is away from other Antennas, metal of any kind, other wires including but not limited to cable TV, phone, and electrical wiring. Only enough Coax should be used so there is never any left and coiled for storage. Coiled Coax can cause problems. When possible, always use a Balun to balance the Antenna and to help keep the radiation out of your Radio Shack.  There are many more items to be considered in installing your new antenna, these are but a few.  NEVER ground the Antenna! Grounding a Dipole can cause your Radio to mal function to the point of needing repairs.  We guarantee our Antennas but only if used properly. Problems caused by improper installation can not be guaranteed. All Antenna guarantees are limited to the replacement cost of thr Antenna only.

Again, many things can cause SWR problems. Each Antenna is cut precisly to the required length for that band so if you observe any serious SWR problems, please look at thge installtion first.  Secondly NEVER depend on the SWR Meter on any Radio to give you a 100% correct SWR reading. All SWR Readings should be checked with a decent SWR Meter. I have seen too many Radios whose reading differ greatly from the real SWR readings...

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